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Take an exercise break. « Habits of Health

Keep from feeling tired midday by taking an exercise break. Researchers from the University of Georgia found that low intensity exercise such as walking or biking can increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the body, which can decrease fatigue by 65 percent. So next time you feel a midday slump coming on, go for a walk instead of having a cup of coffee. Your body will thank you!

via Take an exercise break. « Habits of Health.

Is Your Weight Affecting Your Career? –

Would you hire an unattractive person over an attractive person? Would you hire an obese person over a fit person? Unfortunately we live in the real world and not the Matrix. It’s tough enough to nail down an interview let alone getting disqualified the moment you walk into the door without even uttering a single word but “hello.”

Is Your Weight Affecting Your Career? –

How about this question. Are you willing to make a lifestyle change? Get on the Optimal Health Train and get the world healthier one person at a time.

After the Diet: Counseling Helps Keep Pounds Off –

As a certified health coach for Take Shape For Life. I know how hard it is to lose those unwanted pounds. So, once you have successfully hit your optimal weight, why would you want to go back to any unhealthy lifestyle.

You don’t. Here’s an interesting article. Although it’s an old article, the message is timeless.

After the Diet: Counseling Helps Keep Pounds Off –

Structural tension is a great method of maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Contact me at for more information on the “structural tension” method of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Green Tea Health Benefits

Green Tea’s powerful antioxidants and the benefits it has on the human body. Study participants who drank up to 5 cups of green tea daily had greater exercise-induced declines in ab flab than non-tea drinkers, finds research in the Journal of Nutrition. The study’s authors think that the green tea catechins may stimulate the body’s fight-or-flight response, altering fat storage. The study also showed that women with the highest intake of catechins gained less weight over 14 years than those who sipped less.

Green Tea Health Benefits.

There are many products that contain Green Tea extract and powerful antioxidant ingredients.

TeGreen 97. Contact us for more information on how you can become a “preferred customer” for better deals.

Dr. A’s Habits of Health

Nothing is more important than your health! You can thrive in your career, acquire wealth and status, and even experience tremendous success, but if your health is languishing, nothing else matters.

Straight from the source comes this in-depth guide to lifelong Optimal Health. With compassion and peerless expertise, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen (co-founder and Medical Director of Take Shape For Life) shows you how to reach and maintain a healthy weight, and create a life for yourself that’s filled with vitality and confidence. His balance of compassion and deep knowledge make this book a treasure for anyone who yearns to experience health, hope, and happiness.

Create a life around the habits of health that will direct every decision you make.

Dr. A’s Habits of Health