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Understanding the Matrix


In the movie The Matrix. Morpheus told Neo that the body cannot survive without the mind and in turn, the mind cannot survive without the body. Both are one and the same.

This holds true when dealing with our health and wellness. One cannot heal their body without healing their mind first, and by healing the body, the mind will also be strengthened. A very important part of our journey on the path toward optimal health is establishing a clean foundation of attitude and self determination. You have to want it bad enough that nothing can deter you from the path and your journey.

Throughout life, we encounter many obstacles. Who we are is derived by how we deal with these life obstacles. We can either choose positive or negative outcomes based upon our reaction to each action. Remember the old saying? “For every action there is a reaction.” There is more to it than just that. It continues on, “For every action there is a reaction, and every reaction becomes an ensuing action…”

As we journey on our path toward good health and wellness; every step requires positive reinforcement. Set achievable goals and milestones. Know that once you have your mind set to achieve these goals; you will see vast improvements in your health and mental wellness…

A Vicious Cycle…

According to Dr. Wayne Anderson. The typical Western diet of highly processed, energy-dense, high-glycemic foods causes blood sugar (blood glucose) to rise dramatically, which then causes insulin levels to rise. But that in turn causes blood sugar to plummet, resulting in cravings and a cycle of poor eating patterns that lead to obesity and disease. Dr. Wayne Andersen.

Develop good consistent eating habits that consist of (timely) low-glycemic meals. Remember, it’s frequency of eating that helps to control your blood sugars.