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Acclaimed diet doctor lays out steps to health – The Maui News

(The Maui News) Shintani’s work with Native Hawaiians underscores a major tenet of his treatment, as outlined in the “Good Carbohydrate Revolution.” He said many people believe that carbohydrates promote weight gain. While Hawaiians currently have double the rate of obesity of the national average, there were no overweight Hawaiians when Captain Cook first visited these islands. This was shown in artists’ renderings and later, photographs.

“Hawaiians ate mostly carbs,” he said of taro. “Grain and starchy vegetables have been a main staple for all societies.

“How do we know we didn’t eat meat (like we do today)? In not one archaeological dig did they find a refrigerator.”

Shintani said he believes our diets are “all upside down now,” and hence the cause of many of our health woes.

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A Smart Goal



As you travel on your path toward Optimal Health, set some smart healthy goals. A smart goal is:





Time oriented.

Once these goals are set. Be committed to maintaining them. Every SMART goal that is achieved will put you closer toward optimal health.

Don’t try to lose belly fat without the help of these four foods


(NaturalNews) With more than one-third of the U.S. adult population now clinically obese, and roughly half of the overall population veering into overweight territory, there is no better time than the present to begin taking a serious inventory of your diet to see how it might be affecting your own figure. And if you already struggle with weight issues, perhaps it is time to start eating in ways that will help promote natural weight loss without the need for diet pills, drugs, or surgery later on down the road. Here are four foods you can begin incorporating into your diet today to help promote weight loss:

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52 Week Savings Challenge

52 Week Savings ChallengeWEBPart of the Trilogy of Health is learning to be fiscally responsible. Here is a simple concept of putting away a little bit of money each week. At the end of the year, you may be pleasantly surprised to see what you managed to save. I suggest that you make your deposit (bank account or piggy bank) every Friday of the week. Whether you deposit more than the amount (designated by the week number) or not; you should at least put away the minimum. Set this as a personal goal and at the end of the year 2013, you should have enough for a nice vacation, party or that special something you always wanted…

Nine Foods You Should Avoid.


Here are nine foods that you should avoid if you’re planning on bettering your health and wellness…

  1. White Bread/refine flours.
  2. Conventional frozen meals.
  3. White Rice.
  4. Microwaveable popcorn.
  5. Cured meat products with nitrates/nitrites.
  6. Most conventional protein/energy bars.
  7. Margarine (depending upon LDL cholesterol considerations).
  8. Soy milk and soy based meat substitutes.
  9. “Diet” anything.

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