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Anthony Robbins: It Is Your Choice

What is the single force that shapes the quality of our lives? What power do we have that can change everything? As you and I both know, the answer is the power of choice… It is our decisions, not our conditions, that determine the quality of our lives. ~ Anthony Robbins.

Read more via Anthony Robbins: It Is Your Choice | SUCCESS Magazine | What Achievers Read.

Apply this to your health and wellness. Many overweight or obese people feel that their external conditions (environment) have created their current unhealthy situation. If we apply the principles that Anthony Robbins mentions in his article; we see that being overweight and unhealthy is primarily determined by the everyday choices people made in their past. I too am on a journey to make the right choices about my health and wellness.The great thing about what Anthony Robbins explains, is that anyone can change their outcome. It will take effort and most of all, it will take developing good habits. Whether you start today, tomorrow or next week. It’s all up to you, and the choices you decide to make on a daily basis from this point forward.

“If you want to control the direction of your life, you must consistently make good decisions. It’s not what you do once in a while that has an impact on the direction of your life—it’s what you do consistently. Make decisions today about how you are going to live in the years to come. For your decisions to really make a difference in your life it’s imperative to decide what results you’re committed to—and know specifically how these results will transform your life.” ~ Anthony Robbins.

It is not too late to be great!