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Health and Wellness is A Family Affair

Yesterday, my son (16 years old) called me and asked if he could buy some dumbbells to workout and build his body. At first, he suggested getting some 20 lbs. weights. I suggested that he start smaller and work his way up. It’s not about the heaviness of the weights, but rather the reps you do. At least not in the beginning of the workout process.

As we drove to the sporting goods store, we talked about health and wellness. He genuinely was interested in fitness. We discussed how the┬áhealth and wellness process begins with what you put into your body. Like gas is to a car; food is fuel and your engine needs good fuel to run. I explained that if you’re going to workout, you’re going to need more protein and balance your carbohydrate intake too. He replied, drink a lot of water too and stay away from sugary drinks like soda. He gets it.

I gave him a basic schedule for lifting weights and doing some cardio. M-W-F work with the dumbbells and include pushups and sit ups. Tues-Thurs-Sat do your cardio which would include 45 minutes to an hour of walking or light jogging. Begin, with this, and we’ll gradually increase the workout.

Our discussion made me rethink my wellness. With my busy work schedule, I need to set aside more time for my own health too. Make it a Family Affair.

Eat Every 3; Not Only 3

To maintain good health, feed your body small nutrient dense healthy food every 3 hours. The classic 3 meals a day consisting of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner was developed to coincide with the typical 8 hour work day. What we have discovered, is our bodies will start to starve for nutrients just at the 3 hour mark after our last meal. This starvation process can be detrimental to cellular growth and regeneration, AND it can result in over eating and gorging at your next meal.

Develop good eating habits. I like to start my eating schedule at 6 am. Then eat every 3 hours.

6 am: Breakfast.

9 am: Mid Morning Meal.

Noon: Lunch.

3 pm: Mid Afternoon Meal.

6 pm: Dinner.

9 pm: Late Night Snack.

Adjust the start of your first meal base upon eating your breakfast no later than an hour after you wake up.

Heal Thyself

The human body is amazing. Over time, it can heal itself provided we give it the proper nutrition, exercise and rest. If we abuse our bodies with a poor diet; our health and wellness will deteriorate. Take care of our bodies and our bodies will reward us with a healthy well being.