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Developing Good Habits at an Early Age

Parents often think that if we aren’t hungry, our children aren’t hungry too. What we really need to do is set the proper tone and good habits for eating at an early stage in life. Our bodies are mechanisms that learn from our habits. If we fuel it (body) on a regular basis; it will learn how to burn off the calorie intake as well as burn off any stored body fat.┬áIf we don’t fuel it on a regular basis; our body will learn how to convert the calorie intake immediately into stored fat. This is not a good practice to get into. It will teach our bodies how to gain weight instead of optimizing our metabolism.

For those of us who are parents. Remember the pediatrician telling us that our new born infant child needs to be fed every two hours. Regardless if they want to sleep at night, we as responsible parents, needed to wake them up and feed them or their tiny body will starve. This holds true throughout our child’s growth into adulthood.

We need to get into the practice/healthy habit of eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. Feed our children within that time frame too. If we wait until 3 hours after they get up, their bodies are already starving. When bodies start in the starvation mode, it will feed on good tissue like muscle and good cells.

Our children depend on us to help set their good habits of health.