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Eat Slowly

Chew, chew and chew again. Here’s a tip on how to teach your mind and body to eat smaller portions. The next time you have a meal, count how many “chews” it takes before you swallow your bite. If it’s anywhere near to what I use to do (3-5) then you’re eating too fast. Once you have counted that first bite you took, add 10 more chews to the next one. Then add another 5-10 to that last one. Once you have trained your mind and body to eat slower, the results will be amazing.

Slow Down at Mealtime to Avoid Overeating A study published in 2004 with 30 women eating big plates of pasta, showed just how much more we can eat in times of being rushed. These women were given unlimited amounts of pasta in each time period. The first pasta meal they were told to eat quickly and on average consumed 646 calories. In the second meal they were told to eat slower, at a rate of about 20 chews per bite, and they ate an average of 579 calories, still feeling equally as satisfied as they did from the first meal. This means the women ate 67 more calories in meals that they ate quickly. If we carried that number through three meals to represent one day, that equates to 201 calories more per day from eating fast. That can represent a weight gain of 17.5 lbs per year alone.”