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Portion Control

Now many of you step into a buffet line and notice the selection of plates? That’s right, I said plates. Most people walk the buffet line scanning what foods are available, but rarely do people scan the line looking for what plate sizes are available.

We were taught that being wasteful is not a good thing. This includes space too. The more space we have on our plate, the more likely we are to fill that space up. And once we fill that whole plate up, we are going to eat every bit of it too. Here is a little tip. If you take a smaller plate, you will fill it with less food.

Scan your kitchen and see if you can find a smaller plate to eat your meals from. I like to use the 9″ rule. Don’t use any plate larger than 9″ in diameter when eating your meals.

To my friends that live in Hawaii or have access to a “plate lunch” fast food restaurant. Take notice of the menu choices. There’s a good chance you’ll see a choice between “regular” or “mini.” Choose the “mini.” It’s usually half the portions offered in the “regular” plate lunch and if you eat slowly, you’ll feel like you ordered and ate a “regular” plate. You’ll save some money too.