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Retrain Your Taste Buds

What foods we like to eat was determined over a period of time during our life. The flavors and aroma that appeal to us didn’t happen over night. From the moment we are born, our taste buds and cravings have been fulfilled by the foods we were raised on. Additives such as salt and sugar were all part of our daily training.

Take for example my culture. I was raised to eat white rice and shoyu (soy sauce). It was part of my daily diet. Never a meal goes by that one if not both were served. Today, we all know that a diet consisting of white rice (high starch) and salt/shoyu (high salt) is not a good thing. But my taste buds have made it a requirement for each meal. For me to get on track toward a healthier meal plan; I had to “retrain” my taste buds to learn how to taste good foods.

Now that I am on the Path Toward Optimal Health. My food choices are better. I don’t crave the tastes for unhealthy food.