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Kyäni : Kyäni Sunrise™

(Kyani) The Wild Alaskan blueberry is one of the most potent sources of antioxidants on the planet. The harsh realities of extreme temperatures, and extended periods of sunlight and darkness have helped create the amazing properties of this remarkable, yet little known berry.

The Best Mornings Begin with Sunrise

Your body is designed to absorb nutrients to help fuel your busy day. By starting each day with 1 oz of Kyäni Sunrise, you reap not only the benefits of the great tasting Wild Alaskan Blueberry, but 10 other Superfoods as well: Concord Grapes, Red Raspberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Noni, Cranberry, Wolfberry (Goji), Grape Seed/Grape Skin, and Bee Pollen.

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Why Friendship Can Save Your Life | Dr. Mark Hyman

“Throughout the many years I’ve worked with my patients using this model of medicine, I‘ve been astounded by the resiliency of the human body. It’s humbling to realize that, even though I was taught in medical school to believe that a patient’s recovery is completely in my hands, in fact, it is the patient who has the most power. My job is to be a facilitator who gently assists the body back to its natural state of health. I do this by encouraging a paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of patients. We discuss the role of whole foods, water, air, light, rest, movement, sleep, rhythm, connection, love, meaning, and purpose.” ~ Mark Hyman, MD.

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The human body has the remarkable ability to heal itself. All we need to do is give it the right nutrition in good foods and the time via adequate restful sleep.

Intermittent fasting will help boost the immune system | Natural Health 365

(NaturalHealth365) Our ancient ancestors grew up in a world of stress and scarcity. Food was often not available and intermittent fasting was common. This form of life left a genetic blueprint with key information pertaining to our health and wellbeing. Intermittent fasting reduces free radical damage, regulates inflammatory conditions in the body and starves off cancer cell formation. In nature, when animals get sick they stop eating and instead focus on resting. This is a primal instinct to reduce stress on their internal system so there body can fight off infection. This natural mechanism allows the animal to concentrate all their internal energy systems towards immunity. Humans are the only species that often look for more food during times of illness.

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Recently, I’ve been involved with an in depth discussion regarding how eating habits (diet) can impact positive and negative results with cancer. Some cancer survivors claim that by putting their body into a “ketogenic” state; they have managed to suspend even reduce their cancer. In essence, they “starved” the cancer out of their system.

The human body is an amazing machine. It has the ability to heal itself provided we fuel it with good food and get plenty of rest.

Eat Every 3 Hours

3 Meal DayWeb

Eating small meals every 3 hours throughout the day will help to:

  1. Improve your energy level.
  2. Increase your metabolism.
  3. Protect your muscle mass.
  4. Suppress your appetite.
  5. Put your body into a “fat burning” state.
  6. Lower your cholesterol.

Start your first meal within the hour of waking up in the morning. Ideally, at 30 minutes.

Habits of Health

How To Cure Breast Cancer with a Modified Ketogenic Diet | Health Impact News

Elaine Cantin was diagnosed with breast cancer and within one week was rushed into have a surgical lumpectomy. Doctors wanted to immediately begin ‘aggressive’ radiation and chemotherapy and this idea frightened Elaine, as she had seen many family members and friends die from similar treatments. Elaine said, “I thought that if I had to go, I would not be going that way.” Within six months the tumor had regrown in the original spot to the size of a small egg.

Elaine did extensive research and testing with the ketogentic diet used at the John Hopkins Medical Center. She modified the diet to exclude dairy and other allergens, and once on this modified version of the diet, her tumor shrunk to the size of a chickpea in only two weeks! A biopsy of the ‘tumor’ revealed NO CANCER present.

Recently Elaine has been given a clean bill of health as she is considered in ‘complete’ remission – Elaine’s breast cancer is cured!

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I found this article interesting as a Health Coach. Take Shape For Life uses the same basic principles of taking the body into a slight dietary ketosis and fat burning stage as Elaine described in her video. In fact, studies on the effectiveness of the Medifast Portion Controlled Meal Replacement (PCMR) program on healthy patient weight loss was done at John Hopkins University.

Although Take Shape For Life cannot claim to be a cure for cancer like Elaine’s diet, recent studies have shown that there is a relationship between unhealthy food consumption, and inflammation and diseases such as cancer. Take Shape For Life’s (PCMR) is a very effective way of putting your body into dietary ketosis, modifying your eating habits and training your body to receive better nutrition.

Food journaling helps with weight loss

Food journaling works. Since I’ve been journaling (Feb 2013) I’ve lost 22 lbs. I’m more aware and conscious of what I’m eating and how much exercise I’m getting on a daily basis. Prior to my journaling, I would just follow a daily schedule in my mind.

I’m very discipline when it comes to following a strict eating plan. My problem was and has always been maintaining the momentum of eating healthy. Like a lot of people out there today who use smart phones, I discovered a couple of great tools to help me keep a convenient journal accessible to me at all times. Rather than having to physically write my progress, foods, drinks and exercise on a note book (that I often didn’t have by my side), I was able to quickly add notes and entries via my smart phone.

Here are a couple of great journaling apps to have on your smart phone. You can also keep track of your entry on your computer too.



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